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Member Spotlight - Jeanel Carlson

Name: Jeanel Carlson

Expertise: Global Client Relations & Marketing Communications

Company: Open for new full-time Bay Area opportunities and individual wellness coaching

Industry: Technology or Wellness.

Q: From your perspective, what are the most important trends that will take place in your industry in the next 10 years?

Jeanel: As technology becomes even more pervasive, and our new normal with COVID-19 remote work, the need for personal connection and communication will require more diligent focus for people to be effective and thrive in business. Also, this new normal of self-isolation is creating time for people to look inwardly and reflect on all aspects of their lives. Many are now contemplating fulfillment, priorities and how their career can better the whole of who they are. More and more people have awakened to a holistic view of humanity and the desire for wellness for all. Through the COVID-19 pain and chaos, the pandemic has shown the world that we are all connected and we’re better together. Collective healing and awakening are trends that will continue.

Q: What have been the hallmarks of your success?

Jeanel: Typical of many Americans, I’ve been hard on myself throughout my career. Perhaps feeling that I should be more successful – like not being at the top of the corporate ladder makes a person less. A hallmark of my current success has been to look at the big picture of what I really want out of life - what I truly value. Like many, joy, happiness, health and positive relationships are most important for me. A few years ago, I transitioned out of marketing and communications and moved into sales/client relations. I enjoy being on the front line with clients because of the value created for my clients and team. I’m grateful to have been able to pivot to new, exciting opportunities. Additionally, finding a community like the CLUB has been another key hallmark of my success. Positive relationships are critical for both personal and professional growth. The CLUB is unique that it provides a supportive space for women in leadership, not only through skill development, but through opportunities to truly connect and build long-lasting relationships.

Q: If you can share one piece of advice that you know now about navigating your career, what would that be?

Jeanel: Be compassionate with yourself and others. Become fearless and buoyant by continuously growing. Stay on top of your development. I was quite ignorant in my career - not really demanding or taking charge of my development. If I had to do it over, in my early leadership role, I would have asked for more development resources instead of going it alone with little internal support.

Q: What are some areas that you feel you can improve on at this stage of your career?

Jeanel: At this stage of my career, I still look for ways to grow and take on new challenges. For example, I am excited to share that I will begin co-hosting the Wonder Women in Business podcast and consulting for Freeman Means Business.

Q: What are the hallmark traits of a great leader that you have observed in your career?

Jeanel: Great leaders care personally about each individual - not a common theme in many corporate environments. With the recent coronavirus pandemic, both poor and great leadership has been revealed. The leaders that I admire today are not self-centered and have sacrificed for their teams and communities. Many talk the talk but when crisis arises, don’t walk the walk. Today, the cream is rising to the top!

Generally, if you want to connect and engage with people (either employees or clients) and build loyalty, you must authentically care and build trust. My advice: Learn about your team and clients personally. Make it a safe environment for them to give feedback. Build trust by being trustworthy – have their backs, break down barriers, fight for them if needed.

Q: What are ways that you have balanced career, personal, and other interests?

Jeanel: I’m passionate about wellness and the integration of the body, mind and spirit. I am a certified yoga instructor and help people build their foundation to grow both individually and collectively. I’ve found the best way to balance all aspects of life is to take care of your body and mind. Exercising with a good sweat, stretching with yoga and finding peace with meditation help me sleep better, avoid illness, work more productively and act kinder toward others. If others are interested in ways to build a strong foundation of balance, I am happy to coach individuals about the ABC’s of self-love at work and in life.

Q: Tell us something about yourself that is a fun fact.

Jeanel: In December 2015, my now husband and I moved across country from Atlanta to San Francisco with three pets in tow. We hit winter storm Goliath, a blizzard all the way down in El Paso, Texas. Dodged a semi-truck, a ditch and an incredibly stupid cop who pulled us over in the middle of a blizzard! Arrived in San Francisco unscathed and so happy we made the transition. We have only one life and we strive to life it to the fullest!

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