An incubator of women leaders

“The CLUB Incubator is an advocacy program. We’re creating a peer group of bright, ambitious, resilient women who are key to the future of Silicon Valley and beyond.” 

- Laraine McKinnon, founder of The CLUB’s Incubator program 

About the CLUB Incubator Program

The Incubator helps talented women propel their career growth and personal potential. Our annual program begins in January and brings participants ("Incubees") through a structured path of action steps that build purposefully. Key areas of work ("honeycombs") include: furthering your career development, refining your personal brand, expanding your public profile, building out your network, giving back to the community of professional women, and preparing to sit on boards. 

Unlike a mentoring or coaching program, the Incubator designs actions on behalf of Incubees to enable recognition for their expertise and leadership. The Incubator inspires women to take their leadership to the next level, and to give back - within the CLUB community and across their own network - to strengthen the pipeline of women leaders.

Ideal candidates have developed their expertise, typically have 12+ years of experience, already serve as role models, and are eager to share their views and expertise publicly.

The Incubator Program in the Press

Fast Company: Why Women from Apple, Facebook, And Tesla Are Joining This Silicon Valley Incubator.

Our Incubees & Their Stories.

Meet the women of the Incubator program here.

Hear the women of the Incubator program as they share their career stories each year in a live panel event. The event is typically held in October at a local company. 

Read the stories of some of our Incubees in our eBook "Lessons from Resilience" and the Wisdom of Women blog from the CLUB Incubator.

Leaders of the Incubator:

   Laraine McKinnon                                                    Kristi Royse                                                        
   Founder, The CLUB Incubator Program              Executive Coach & CEO                                 
   Founder, LMC17                                                        KLR Consulting

How to apply:

The application for the Incubator Program is due November 30.


 Incubator Application

Contact for more information.

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