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01/14/2016 5:54 PM | Anonymous

The mission of the CLUB is to help women accelerate their leadership journeys. In 2015, the CLUB launched an Incubator program, targeting women who have developed their expertise and are ready to take their career to the next level. At the end of the program, “Incubees” were encouraged to share their wisdom and experience. And so we introduce two new features:

2015 Incubees

Last year was the CLUB’s Incubator’s pilot program year. Erin Brooks Sawyer (Purchasing & Supply Chain Executive), Jennifer Adams Draffen (Facebook), Michelle Garrison (Synopsys), Alice Katwan (Genesys), Donna Kolnes (Adobe), Katherine Mendonca (Apple) and Mindy Morton (Procopio) formed the inaugural class of the Incubator.

The 2015 Incubees use words like “motivating”, “inspiring” and “empowering to describe the program. They found it helped push their boundaries to engage in new areas, helped them better understand and draw upon their strengths, achieve personal aspirations, and inspired them to take their career to the next level and give back to others.

You can see the individual Incubee’s work in a variety of places, including:

CLUB Member Spotlight:
Erin Sawyer:
Katherine Mendonca (
Donna Kolnes (
Alice Katwan (

Personal Websites:
Erin Sawyer (
Katherine Mendonca (

2016 Incubees

The Incubator launched the 2016 program with a diverse group of deeply talented women including

Front Row, Left to Right: Judith Coley (Ushur), Joselle Deocampo (PwC), Heather Jerrehian (serial entreprenuer), Laura Fechete (mechanical engineer), Anuradha Gali (Shutterfly). Back Row, Left to Right: Olga Mack (ClearSlide), Megan Jones (Hausfeld), Sue Gong (Xilinx), Elizabeth DiGaetano (HelloSign), Leedjia Svec (NASA).

We encourage you to watch the fantastic women of the Incubator program as they continue to build their career and public presence - and to consider the Incubator program for you and other talented colleagues in the years to come.

About the Incubator

The Incubator is an annual program structured around 6 “honeycomb” areas which provide the main focus of monthly meetings and are sequenced in order to be introspective at first and then build progressively to a more external focus.

Kristi Royse, an executive coach, helps guide the career development segments. External speakers from organizations like LinkedIn and Glassbreakers help round out the content. Mindy Morton helps co-direct the program with Kristi and founder Laraine McKinnon. More information may be found at:

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