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Milan Gupta Chavarkar


Founder, Lotus Integrative Health and Nursing

Milan Chavarkar became a health care provider with only one thought in mind- to help women! She started her career as a midwife and eventually became a family nurse practitioner to help women and their families. After 23 years, she's helped thousands of women and families as a OBGYN and family practice provider. 

She specializes in women’s functional and integrative medicine, specifically around hormonal balance, chronic disease, pain, fertility, menopause, and sexual health.

1. Did you always know you wanted your own practice? What was the vision? 

I did always want to start a business, but originally I wanted to create a birth center. I had just finished nurse-midwifery school and had a beautiful vision for how women should give birth. Unfortunately the financial logistics of starting such a venture became clear as I began practice as a nurse-midwife, I abandoned the idea. I pivoted and started an integrative/functional health practice in 2020, providing health care to women seeking holistic care combining herbal and natural therapies with conventional medical care.

2. Within the field of women's health, did you feel there were gaps or needs that weren't being fulfilled that you wanted your practice to hold?

I feel the reproductive system has been viewed as a separate space in terms of health care, when we should really look at the body as a whole. I am excited to be at the intersectional space where all the body systems are seen as a whole, and we take into consideration body, mind, and spirit as influencing total health. Integrative and functional medicine is at the forefront of this type of care.

3. What fears did you have as you pursued becoming a founder? Any tips you have for other women trying to start their own business?

Fear of failure! But I follow the saying "there are no failures, only learning opportunities!” 

Don’t be intimidated! As a woman of color from an immigrant family, it can be especially overwhelming. I acutely feel worried about impacting my family and creating financial distress. I was lucky to have my mom as a role model. Look to other women in your family as a source of strength. If you look, you will see the “herstory” of why you are fully capable of starting a business. And the cycle will repeat, you will be an example for women generations to come!

4. The medical field has a reputation for being very demanding, was it difficult to balance having a family with your work? 

It is difficult to balance life and work like any other person out there. I do feel women have the exceptional burden of coordinating family life and home, at least in most families. 

But I do feel mindset and knowing when to stop are important when it comes to life balance issues. It is easy to get sucked into work and forget everything else. So I appreciate my family for being my boundary and source of joy. I remind myself that I have to drive my child somewhere it is an extra opportunity to talk and spend time with her. I try to flip the script, and not feel burdened, but view it as another opportunity to do something loving for my family. And of course, I ask for help from my partner and family members. And I’ve come to the conclusion, I can’t do it all- so I have a clear idea on my limits.

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