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Upcoming events

    • 10/17/2018
    • 12/18/2019
    • 13 sessions

    • 07/22/2019
    • 12/23/2019
    • 6 sessions
    • Palo Alto

    • 08/26/2019
    • 12/23/2019
    • 5 sessions

    • 01/11/2020
    • 01/12/2020
    • Dream Inn, Santa Cruz CA

    An over 24-hour retreat for top Bay Area women that will leave you SHINING.

    Come for the inspiration, the fitness, the ocean view—and leave with your tribe.

    JAN 11-12, 2020
    Dream Inn, Santa Cruz

    Registration fee covers meals, activities and programming unless listed as “optional” or otherwise noted. Hotel room registration is a separate cost and is paid directly to the hotel. Request reimbursement from your employer!

    Request reimbursement from your employer!



    • 11am (optional) Community Service Project
    • 1pm (optional) CLUB “Sparkle” Networking Lunch
    • 2pm Shine Retreat Check In
    • 5pm “Shine Bright” Opening Reception
    • 6:30pm Dinner and Programming


    • 7:30 Get Your Shine On Workout
    • 8:30 Continental Breakfast
    • 9:30 Shine Programming Session 1
    • 10:45 Shine Programming Session 2
    • 12:00 Lunch
    • 2:30pm Choose your track
      • Glow Self Care track 
      • Shine & Wine track 
      • Radiate Creativity track
    • 4:00pm (approximate) Shine Retreat ends

    • Registration covers meals and activities unless listed as “optional” or otherwise noted. Hotel room registration is a separate cost and is paid directly to the hotel.
      Registration for the hotel can be made directly with the hotel
      Room price is $259 for a double or a single room. Mention the CLUB Shine Retreat when booking rooms, if you call. Attendees will be responsible for their own room sharing arrangements. The parking fee at the hotel has been waived for attendees of the Shine Retreat.
    • 01/29/2020
    • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • The Patio 412 Emerson St. Palo Alto, CA, 94301

    Come join us for trivia at The Patio in Palo Alto!

    6:00-7:00 Happy Hour
    7:00-9:00 Trivia

    There’s no cost to attend, but everyone will please pay for their own drinks and food that they order.

    Please rsvp to us if you can attend, and we try to get a table big enough to accommodate everyone.

    It’s really fun! Fast paced and a range of topics. We hope you can join us!

Past events

12/07/2019 Hamilton San Francisco
12/05/2019 Incubator Celebration for Alumnae and special guests
12/05/2019 Empowered Women, Empower Men & Women in Business
11/21/2019 Panel and Networking: The Future of Tech and Communities of Color
11/20/2019 Workshop: Leadership, Blindspots and Connection
11/19/2019 Women of Teal Presents Women In Sports & Sharks Vs. Oilers Game
11/14/2019 Evening of Personal Style and Shopping at Luisa Spagnoli with Managing Partner & CLUB Member Julia Schloss
11/05/2019 The CLUB's Celebration of Women - Anniversary Party (Registration CLOSED)
10/30/2019 EQ Cafe: Innovation
10/23/2019 Trivia at The Patio in Palo Alto
10/22/2019 The Evolution & Expansion of FinTech
10/17/2019 Wisdom of Women (A Panel from the CLUB Incubator)
10/09/2019 LWT Event: Speed Mentoring (Palo Alto)
10/03/2019 LWT Event: Speed Mentoring (SF)
10/03/2019 Incubating Leadership (A Panel from the CLUB Incubator)
09/30/2019 SJ CLUB Mentoring Circle - Open House
09/25/2019 Trivia at The Patio in Palo Alto
09/25/2019 SF CLUB Lunch
09/15/2019 Special CLUB Member Sunday Afternoon Potluck
09/13/2019 Mindfulness by Moonlight by Open Space Authority
09/11/2019 Peninsula Mentoring Circle II
09/10/2019 SF CLUB Mentoring Circle - Open House
09/10/2019 SF Mentoring Circle
08/21/2019 Trivia at The Patio in Palo Alto
08/20/2019 Mentoring for Women in Tech
08/13/2019 Peninsula Mentoring Circle I
08/13/2019 SV CLUB Cocktails
08/13/2019 EQ Cafe: Anxiety
08/10/2019 Walk & Talk at Stanford DISH
07/30/2019 Career Transitions: Triumph and Thrive
07/28/2019 Wine tasting & live music
07/25/2019 Advisory Relationships for the Entrepreneur
07/24/2019 Trivia at The Patio in Palo Alto
07/18/2019 Special CLUB Member Social Gathering
06/26/2019 CLUB SF Brown Bag Lunch
06/25/2019 Innovate with LEGO® Serious Play®
06/12/2019 Trivia at The Patio in Palo Alto
06/01/2019 SV CLUB Saturday Morning Walk and Talk
05/30/2019 Lead On: Becoming an authentic leader
05/21/2019 SV CLUB Cocktails
05/14/2019 Peninsula Mentoring Circle I
05/07/2019 The Art of the Interview
05/04/2019 Woodland & Wildflower Walk
04/30/2019 EQ Café: Motivation
04/23/2019 Mastering Negotiation with Natalie Reynolds
04/17/2019 Xoogler Fireside Chat with Victoria Ransom
04/16/2019 Talent Connections: How Recruiting Really Works
04/15/2019 CLUB Board Strategy Session
04/11/2019 Beyond Product: Embrace Marketing to Create and Capture Value
04/10/2019 Trivia at The Patio in Palo Alto
04/09/2019 Peninsula Mentoring Circle I
03/19/2019 Power On: Building an Executive Profile
03/18/2019 SV CLUB Cocktails
03/16/2019 International Women's Day Event
03/14/2019 Bubbles, Bites & Bits of Wisdom
03/12/2019 Peninsula Mentoring Circle I
03/05/2019 LinkedIn Training w/ Professional Photo
03/02/2019 CLUB Lunch
02/27/2019 CLUB Board Strategy Session
02/14/2019 What's Your Relationship Net Promoter Score?
02/14/2019 SF CLUB Lunch
02/13/2019 Trivia at The Patio in Palo Alto
02/12/2019 Peninsula Mentoring Circle I
02/07/2019 Incubator
01/25/2019 CLUB Shine Retreat
01/08/2019 Peninsula Mentoring Circle I
12/13/2018 "Bubbles, Bites & Bits of Wisdom" Featuring Deborah B. Farone
12/05/2018 SF CLUB Lunch
12/04/2018 SV CLUB Cocktails
11/15/2018 2018 CLUB Gala
11/13/2018 Peninsula Mentoring Circle I
11/06/2018 SV CLUB Lunch
10/24/2018 Peninsula Mentoring Circle I
10/17/2018 SV CLUB Evening Walk and Talk
10/16/2018 Personal Finance – The Basics and Beyond
10/10/2018 LWT Event: Speed Mentoring
10/09/2018 Make the Ask Fall 2018: The CLUB 3-Month Workshop
10/04/2018 Wisdom of Women (CLUB Incubator Panel)
10/03/2018 LWT Event: Speed Mentoring
09/26/2018 Peninsula Mentoring Circle Kickoff Meeting
09/26/2018 SF CLUB Lunch
09/18/2018 SV CLUB Cocktails
09/11/2018 Peninsula Mentoring Circle I
08/15/2018 SV CLUB Lunch
08/14/2018 Peninsula Mentoring Circle I
08/14/2018 SF Mentoring Circle
08/01/2018 SF Cocktail Hour
07/18/2018 SV CLUB Evening Walk and Talk
07/17/2018 SF Mentoring Circle
07/16/2018 Public Speaking Masters
07/10/2018 Peninsula Mentoring Circle I
06/21/2018 SF CLUB Lunch
06/19/2018 SV Cocktail Hour
06/14/2018 SF Cocktail Hour
06/12/2018 Peninsula Mentoring Circle I
06/05/2018 SF Mentoring Circle
05/30/2018 Leadership Journeys in Technology: A Panel of Women Leaders
05/22/2018 SV Cocktail Hour
05/09/2018 Is Your Voice As Powerful As You Are?
04/26/2018 East Bay Mentoring Circle
04/25/2018 The Art of the Elevator Pitch with Kristi Royse : Palo Alto
04/24/2018 The Art of the Elevator Pitch with Kristi Royse : San Francisco
04/24/2018 SF CLUB Lunch: Postponed
04/19/2018 SF Cocktail Hour
04/19/2018 Present! A Techie's Guide To Public Speaking
04/18/2018 SV Cocktail Hour
04/17/2018 Board of Directors Meeting
04/05/2018 Incubator Meeting
03/29/2018 SF Cocktail Hour
03/22/2018 Executive Presence
03/20/2018 SV Cocktail Hour
03/15/2018 Artificial Intelligence and Data-Driven Transactions 2018: Unique Legal Considerations
03/14/2018 Peninsula Mentoring Circle II
03/14/2018 SF CLUB Lunch
03/09/2018 SF Embarcadero Walk
02/28/2018 2018 Spring Cleaning
02/27/2018 Communication for Leadership
02/21/2018 SV Cocktail Hour
02/15/2018 SF CLUB Lunch
02/13/2018 SF Cocktail Hour
02/13/2018 Make the Ask Spring 2018: The CLUB 3-Month Workshop
02/03/2018 Campaign 101
01/31/2018 Driving Change
01/29/2018 SF CLUB Cocktails
01/23/2018 SF Monthly CLUB Lunch
01/16/2018 SV Cocktail Hour
12/13/2017 The Big Read Palo Alto
12/09/2017 Rising International PopUp Marketplace Craft Fair
12/08/2017 Stanford Dish Walk & Talk
12/06/2017 Programmed Inequality
11/29/2017 SV CLUB Networking Lunch
11/17/2017 World Funding Summit
11/16/2017 SF CLUB Cocktails - Bring a Friend
11/10/2017 SF Nov Lunch
11/10/2017 Stanford Dish Walk & Talk
11/09/2017 The CLUB’s 5th Anniversary Party: An Evening Celebrating Women’s Leadership
10/27/2017 Stanford Dish Walk & Talk
10/26/2017 One Russia, Two Taubmans
10/25/2017 Own Your Negotiations....Get More of What You Want at Work
10/25/2017 SV CLUB Networking Cocktails
10/20/2017 SF Oct Walk
10/18/2017 Anne-Marie Slaughter: Technology for the People by The Commonwealth Club
10/18/2017 Leading Women in Technology Bay Area Speed Mentoring Event
10/13/2017 Stanford Dish Walk & Talk
10/12/2017 SF CLUB Cocktails - New Member Welcome
10/12/2017 Leading Women in Technology Bay Area Speed Mentoring Event
10/10/2017 Angel Investing for Women
10/05/2017 Wisdom of Women (CLUB Incubator Panel)
09/29/2017 Stanford Dish Walk & Talk
09/27/2017 Promote Yourself
09/27/2017 Women Raising Funding: Understanding Challenges & How to Give Yourself an Edge
09/22/2017 SF Sept Walk
09/20/2017 SV CLUB Networking Lunch
09/15/2017 SF Sept Lunch
09/15/2017 Stanford Dish Walk & Talk
09/14/2017 Women on Nonprofit Boards
09/13/2017 The Big Read Palo Alto
09/12/2017 Make the Ask: The CLUB 3-Month Workshop
09/09/2017 East Bay Hikes
09/01/2017 Stanford Dish Walk & Talk
08/28/2017 Presence and Power
08/25/2017 SF Monthly CLUB Lunch
08/18/2017 Stanford Dish Walk & Talk
08/16/2017 East Bay Book Discussion
08/10/2017 Palo Alto CLUB Networking Event
08/04/2017 Stanford Dish Walk & Talk
07/28/2017 East Bay July Happy Hour
07/27/2017 Crucial Conversations: How to Keep Your Cool and Communicate Powerfully When Stakes & Emotions Run High
07/21/2017 Stanford Dish Walk & Talk
07/20/2017 SF July Lunch
07/14/2017 SF July Walk
07/13/2017 SF CLUB Cocktails - New Member Welcome
07/12/2017 Who Are You ... When You Are BIG?
07/07/2017 Stanford Dish Walk & Talk
06/29/2017 SF June Dinner
06/24/2017 CLUB Summer Party!
06/23/2017 Stanford Dish Walk & Talk
06/22/2017 Conversations in the Fast Lane
06/20/2017 ClubConnect on the Law Firm to In-House Transition
06/15/2017 SF CLUB Cocktails
06/14/2017 The Big Read Palo Alto
06/10/2017 East Bay Hikes
06/09/2017 Stanford Dish Walk & Talk
06/08/2017 Communicating to Resolve Conflict Workshop and Networking Reception
06/07/2017 Conquering Imposter Syndrome
06/06/2017 i4 Neuroleader Masterclass
06/01/2017 Women on Corporate Boards: The Path and Inspiration
05/31/2017 Leading With Courage: Making A Bigger Impact, Sooner
05/26/2017 Stanford Dish Walk & Talk
05/23/2017 Navigating Work and Family: The Hidden Secrets of Highly Successful Women
05/18/2017 2017 Women’s Leadership Conference
05/17/2017 SV CLUB Networking Lunch
05/12/2017 Stanford Dish Walk & Talk
05/11/2017 East Bay Reads: Be Inspired by Michelle Obama
05/11/2017 SF CLUB Cocktails - Bring a Friend
05/10/2017 CLUBhouse Social
05/05/2017 SF May Lunch
05/02/2017 Pursuing a Corporate Board Position
04/28/2017 SF April Walk
04/28/2017 Stanford Dish Walk & Talk
04/25/2017 Strategies for a Successful Career Transition - Palo Alto
04/25/2017 Strategies for a Successful Career Transition - San Francisco
04/21/2017 East Bay Cocktails
04/19/2017 SV CLUB Networking Cocktails
04/13/2017 SF CLUB Cocktails - New Member Welcome
03/31/2017 CLUBhouse Social
03/29/2017 Six Steps to Successful Negotiations
03/28/2017 Insights on Women and Boards
03/24/2017 Stanford Dish Walk & Talk
03/23/2017 SF Monthly CLUB Dinner
03/22/2017 Women in Business Event at Kepler's Books
03/22/2017 SV CLUB Networking Lunch
03/15/2017 The Big Read Palo Alto
03/10/2017 SF Monthly CLUB Walk/Morning Coffee
03/10/2017 Stanford Dish Walk & Talk
03/09/2017 SF CLUB Cocktails
03/03/2017 SF Monthly CLUB Lunch
03/01/2017 Ladies Get Paid
03/01/2017 SHE STARTED IT Movie Screening and Networking Reception
02/27/2017 Creating Your Personal Mission Statement for a Well-Rounded Life
02/24/2017 SF Monthly CLUB Walk/Morning Coffee
02/24/2017 Stanford Dish Walk & Talk
02/23/2017 SF Monthly CLUB Dinner
02/21/2017 SV CLUB Networking Cocktails
02/18/2017 San Francisco Symphony - John Adams’ The Gospel According to the Other Mary
02/17/2017 San Francisco Symphony - John Adams’ The Gospel According to the Other Mary
02/16/2017 San Francisco Symphony - John Adams’ The Gospel According to the Other Mary
02/15/2017 Women’s Leadership Through Storytelling
02/11/2017 Unleash Your Power of Spiritual Intelligence
02/10/2017 Stanford Dish Walk & Talk
02/09/2017 SF CLUB Cocktails - Bring a Friend
02/06/2017 SHE STARTED IT Movie Screening and Networking Reception
02/03/2017 SF Monthly CLUB Lunch
02/02/2017 An Evening with Lisen Stromberg
01/28/2017 She's Geeky Convening
01/27/2017 Wine & Postcards
01/27/2017 Stanford Dish Walk & Talk
01/25/2017 SF Monthly CLUB Dinner
01/21/2017 San Jose Women's March
01/20/2017 Women in Business Mega Networking Experience
01/20/2017 SF Monthly CLUB Walk/Morning Coffee
01/17/2017 Start 2017 with bang! Learn more about the connection between becoming the best leader and the best parent you can be.
01/12/2017 SF CLUB Cocktails - New Member Welcome
12/13/2016 Big Read Q4 Meeting Palo Alto
12/08/2016 The Big Read in SF
12/07/2016 2016 Wilpower Graduation and Holiday Party
12/02/2016 Stanford Dish Walk & Talk
11/15/2016 An Evening Celebrating & Inspiring Women’s Leadership: The CLUB’s 4th Anniversary Party
11/04/2016 Smart Pens and Tablets
10/06/2016 Tips from the Trenches: Second Annual Leadership Roundtable presented by the 2016 Incubator Class

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